Uniropa is a 5 star reliable company! Super organization — we received exactly as advertised — excellent value. The program was unique, inviting and unforgettable!

Thank you again for your personal touch with your excellent professionalism. You are so good to work with. It is always a pleasure to recommend you, which I do! I couldn't just send the program evaluation form back to you without a personal letter of appreciation for yet another wonderful trip. It was such a good experience for all of us! It was especially fun to watch my own son grow, learn and enjoy all the opportunities this trip offered him. Each time I get to do something new. Does this mean that I'll have to keep traveling with your company until I retire in order to 'do it all'? I hope so!

The restaurants and food were superb! Location, atmosphere and choice in menus were well thought out — Caroline was fabulous. You must be commended on your meticulous and exciting tours. We had an 'awesome experience' and left Québec with fond memories. Your thoughtfulness, genuine service and personal touches were appreciated.

Uniropa was accommodating, classy, and a cut above the rest! Programs were diverse and stimulating — free time versus Uniropa's activities were nicely balanced. We will readily travel with Uniropa again. Jacques's and Caroline's services were beyond our expectations!

We were impressed with all the attention to little details. Found the balance between the organized and personal exploration time to be fantastic! Your coordinator Jacques, as usual, was always pleasant, professional and ultra organized! As always, you provide 1st class service all the way.

Merci infiniment à tous et à toutes. Again this year everything was outstanding, very good preparation by you and your team, including Caroline in Québec. Excellent accommodation in the magnificent Hilton. Organization extraordinary in all respects! Caroline represents everything that is perfect about Uniropa.

My compliments to you and your staff on an outstanding Québec program. Jacques's help and guidance made this a worry free experience for everyone. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and treated the students like VIPs — a real hit with the students! The package was excellent and the price exceptional for everything we visited and experienced.

I felt that the trip à la Uniropa turned out to be a marvelous opportunity to experience French as a real-live language. It also was filled with other learning situations such as: making big decisions without Mom and Dad, budgeting money, getting along with roommates, being responsible for being on time, and beginning to see the world through other people's eyes. The travel went as planned. Students said they had the best time of their lives.

An excellent trip! Very well organized. Generous amount and tasty food was well received. The students loved the disco, folkevening, Biodome, Old Québec and Montréal hotels were in excellent locations — clean and very comfortable... I'm sending you names/addresses of 5 of my colleagues — I know they will enjoy Uniropa's outstanding service as we did!

I was impressed with Uniropa's service and all the personal touches that kept popping up. One of the highlights of the trip was the walking tour with Pierre, the first evening. The kids loved him and what he had to say. They truly enjoyed the "hands on" activities at Vieux Port and Civilization Museums. When I decide to make such a trip again next year, I will definitely work with Uniropa.